General FAQ



1. What’s the organization? Who are the people running behind?


Although the identities of our team members cannot be disclosed due to security concerns, all of us are young people from different countries around the world, committed to support the Myanmar People's cause in any way we can. 


2. Can this organization be trusted? How?


Our organization is a registered and recognized organization under CRPH as one of its fundraisers to support funds for humanitarian aid during this period of revolution. 


3. What is the vision of this organization?


Since 1 Feb 2021 after the Military's coup, many businesses closed down and thousands of Myanmar have become jobless. And there are thousands of injured civilians and displaced persons around the country. The food prices are higher than before. The daily lives of civilians are becoming harder and harder.


In response to these growing humanitarian crises, we have launched a fundraising platform to assist all the affected people including vulnerable and marginalized groups as well as the ethnic groups, and their family members who are facing food insecurity and displacement due to conflicts and violence throughout Myanmar. You are welcome to provide support towards helping the people of Myanmar by providing financial aids to us.


4. What is the meaning of the name, “We Pledge CDM”?


As the name implies, “We Pledge CDM” began as a pledging application which is dedicated for Myanmar citizens to commit/pledge donations for social support towards CDM which represents civil employees, also known as, government staff peacefully protesting military coup by disobeying to continue to work under military regime. 



FAQ for Local Donors



1. I am not comfortable doing mobile payment transfers. Is it possible to donate with cash?


For those who wish to donate with cash, please contact other CDM supporting organizations under Wine Gyi Chote from the following links.



2. Are the personal information of CDM staff kept secure?

Apart from the phone number, required for money transfer to those CDM staff, we will not disclose any other personal information, securely stored in a safe location.


3. How are the personal information of donors kept protected? How are their locations and phone numbers protected? Is there any data being stored?

To make it difficult to trace donors, we recommend donors to donate small amounts in each transaction when doing mobile payments. As an additional safety measure, donors are recommended to buy a registered new SIM card from shops and only do mobile payments using the new number.


4. How can we confirm that our donations have been received by the intended CDM staff?

Since the “We Pledge CDM” application does not serve as an intermediary at the donation transfer stage, received status can only be confirmed by contacting the phone number of the intended CDM staff. Note: Please note that by doing so, your phone number will be exposed to the CDM staff.


5. What kind of payment methods can be used in the app? Is there a transfer rate? Does 10,000 MMK include a transfer rate? 


When doing donations, since the transfer is not done via our app, there is no transfer fee from us. When doing mobile payment, there will be transfer fees, charged by each payment platform.


6. Can we still use this application when there is no internet? 


The application cannot be used if there is no internet.


7. Is there a limit set on how much donation a staff can receive? How are the staff chosen for donation?


Each staff is only able to receive 10,000 MMK per transaction. All selected staff will be displayed in order on the application. Therefore, the more donors there are, the more times a staff will receive a donation.


8. Can we choose our preferred ministry or department? For example, the Ministry of Health, City Development Committee, etc.


No. Donors are not allowed to choose a preferred ministry or department. This is to ensure that all CDM staff will be able to receive donations evenly.


9. Can we donate more than 10,000 MMK per each CDM staff?


The reason we recommend donors to only donate 10,000 MMK per CDM staff is so that donors will be able to do donations for a longer term on a monthly basis. Also, only by donating 10,000 MMK to each number, CDM staff who truly need financial support will receive donations evenly. For donors who would like to make bulk sum donations, we recommend the following CDM supporting organizations under Wine Gyi Chote.



10. The CDM staff phone number I received does not have either a KBZ Pay or Wavepay account opened? How do I transfer then?


In such cases, donors can transfer the donations to the received number and afterwards, send the transfer ID and the password to the recipient’s number with SMS. As a safety measure, donors are encouraged to only send out the SMS from phone numbers, not registered under their names.


11. May I know how to donate?


In the following post, we have a step-by-step illustration and explanation on how to donate using our application.


12. What are the arrangements for those CDM staff who do not know how to use mobile payments?


CDM staff not comfortable with using mobile payment platforms are recommended to provide phone numbers of their reliable contact (family, friend, etc.) who is familiar with mobile payments. Also, CDM staff are required to check their phone messages regularly since the donations can come in at any given time.



FAQ for International Donors



1. How do I know my donation will reach the needy? 


The funds will be distributed:

  1. a) to the Myanmar people requiring humanitarian aids according to the guidelines of CRPH
  2. b) to other regional community groups upon request as approved by CRPH International Relations Office.


Donation reports will be released accordingly on both CRPH - CDM Supporting Team and We Pledge CDM Official Facebook Pages.


2. Is there any tax cut from donation? 


There will be no tax cut for donations.


3. Are my donations tax refundable/deductible?


Donations through our platform are not tax deductible.


4. Why are bank accounts different every time?


We have assigned multiple bank accounts to receive funds in available currencies. The algorithm in our app will rotate between the accounts to distribute the funds received by each account evenly. 


5. How safe are these accounts?


The account owners are trusted and reputable people from We Pledge CDM international organizations who are also registered by CRPH. 


6. Do we have payment limitations?


There is no maximum limitation per person. However, we have a recommended amount range for donors to donate for each transaction.  


7. Will our personal information be exposed? 


We do not record any personal information aside from the Nickname provided. After the donation has been completed, only if the donor wants to receive Certificates of Appreciation from CRPH International Relations Office, a form requesting required basic information needs to be filled. And all information will be kept confidential. 


8.  My currency or country is not in your list. What should I do?


You may donate from PayPal for now. And we also have plan to expand to other countries and currencies if we receive several requests.